Will BlackBerry Survive?


Up until now, the most impressive thing the company formerly known as RIM has done is still be in business. With the unveiling of BlackBerry 10 OS, Z10 and Q10 this past Wednesday, BlackBerry is hoping to refresh the company and it’s linueup. BlackBerry is like a football team in rebuilding mode. They know they have no talent (devices that can’t compete). So you blow up the roster hoping that starting over will save the franchise. But will the latest anouncements be enough?

I see two mistakes that might kill BlackBerry. First, they couldn’t decide on wether or not they wanted to have an all touch device or a qwerty device to serve as their flagship phone. So instead of concentrating their efforts on one phone, they now have to multitask and support two phones. Personally, I think they should have went all out and commited to the Q10. Email, Enterprise compatibility, and a great qwerty is what made BlackBerry so successful. They should have stucked to their identity. Now they just seem lost. Second, the whole design of it just doesn’t do it for me. When you first see the devices and UI, it really doesn’t “wow” you. They should have put some more effort into the design of the UI and hardware If they really wanted to compete with the iPhone and Androids of the world.

But don’t get me wrong, I do like the UI. The gestures are cool, the multitasking is awesome, and their enterprise functions are still top notch. But the gestures and functions of the phone seem just too complicated. We have already been accustomed to a smartphone that does the thinking for us (iPhone). If you gave your mom or dad an iPhone and an Android, which one would they choose? I would say the iPhone 90% of the time. Most companies have already transitioned to using iPhones and iPads. It’s simple and doesn’t try to do too much. BlackBerry 10′s UI may have a learning curve that is just way too high for people to stick around long enough for it to be successful.

Despite a UI that may seem too complicated for anyone over 30 and that isn’t a techie, I can see the more younger generation of users using the new BlackBerries. But would they really give up their iPhones and Androids to use this new BlackBerry? Probably not.

Why didn’t BlackBerry just opt to use Android instead? Didn’t they see Nokia make the big mistake of going Windows Phone and not Android? Just imagine what an Android BlackBerry device would have looked like? It would look like an Android device with enterprise functions and an awesome qwerty. But instead we are stuck with a mobile OS that resembles Meego. And all we can do is watch BlackBerry die a slow and painful death.

image via: BlackBerry


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