Surface Pro – Will Microsoft Dominate Again?


First off, I had a little bit of time with the Surface Pro and the one thing I’m most impressed with was the speed. The Intel Core i5 Processor on this bad boy is no joke. This is probably the fastest tablet I’ve ever encountered.  What’s even more amazing is that it’s running the full version of Windows 8. Although Windows 8 hasn’t caught fire just yet, something’s telling me that the new Surface Pro will change the way people view tablets and personal computing.

No doubt about it, Windows 8 is kind of confusing. But that isn’t a bad thing. Android was and continues to be confusing.  But once people got over “that doesn’t look very familiar” phase, Android has gone on to become the most dominant mobile OS in the world. And once people realize what to make of Microsoft’s “New Windows UI” (Metro), I think people will start to look at the Surface Pro not as a tablet.  But as true mobile PC.

If you look at the tablets that are out today, none of them can offer a true desktop/laptop experience. Everytime you use them, you kind of know that you’ll have to get to a desktop or laptop if you want to do some real work. Even the almighty iPad has its limitations! People want the mobility of a tablet but the capabilities of a desktop. This is where the Microsoft Surface Pro lives and why Windows 8 is a step ahead of everyone else. Windows 8 gives the user the best of both worlds. A very capable touch interface for basic tablet duties and a full blown operating system for those moments when tablet apps just don’t cut it. For once, Windows 8 seems to make sense.

The Surface Pro reminds me of when the original Xbox came out. The hardware was there but the content (games) weren’t. And that’s where the Surface Pro is right now. Great hardware but an app store that has yet to take off. Yes, you can run Windows 7 apps, but that isn’t what people are seeing right now. The general public views the Surface Pro as just another tablet and not as a tablet/laptop replacement. And if the usual Android or iPad apps they’ve been accustomed to aren’t available, that might cause some people to second guess the purchase altogther. For now, the Surface Pro is for business users or for people who haven’t bought a tablet yet and want a new laptop. Microsoft’s dominance is coming. But it’s going to take some time. It’s going to take content.

Remember when Sony had all the game exclusivity with the PS2? Remember when Microsoft released the Xbox360? Remember when Sony’s exclusivity started to diminish every year because game developers were developing for both consoles? Nobody expected Microsoft to succeed past Sony but they did. It’s been 7 years since the Xbox360 was released and they’ve continued to dominate. Once Windows 8 starts to get the content and support from developers like they did for the Xbox, watch out.

As for myself, I think I’m going to wait for the second generation Surface Pro. Surface Pro360 maybe?


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