What Windows Phone Needs To Stay Relevant


With new Android devices like the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G Pro and Samsung Galaxy S4, making the switch over to Windows Phone isn’t so easy. Even with decent hardware and a beautiful user interface, getting an Android or iPhone user to switch OS’s can be a daunting task. So I came up with three issues Microsoft needs to address in order for Windows Phone to stay relevant and be considered a competitor in the smartphone wars.

As well as Microsoft has done to integrate Twitter and Facebook into Windows Phone, there are a couple of major social apps missing from the OS that greatly hinders its popularity and ultimately its sales. Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are services that many people use today. And they all have relevant apps that people have been accustomed to on their Android or iPhone. Yes, I know that you can access most of those sites through the web browser, but providing the content through an app is the way it’s suppose to be done on a mobile device. As a normal consumer that’s all we know. It’s kind of silly one or two apps can have that much effect with people’s decision to switch smartphones but its always been about content and what “everybody else” is doing/using. Why do you think there is a petition right now to bring over Instagram? If Microsoft wants to be a part of the smartphone war, they need these apps asap!

The stigma that there aren’t any apps is definitely still there depsite a ton of great apps that are either the equivalent or same in the Windows store. The only reason people think that is because Instagram isn’t available or there aren’t any official Tumblr/Pinterest apps. What people don’t realize however, is how many few apps you’ll really miss when you switch over to Windows Phone. The majority of Android/iPhone users don’t even know the details and too lazy to research themselves what isn’t available. So you’re either stuck with what you know or fed garbage by misinformed wireless reps. Microsoft needs to up their marketing game and make it known to the normal consumer that you aren’t missing anything (other than Instagram lol) if you switch over.

The last thing I would say Windows Phone needs is that one piece of hardware/technology that can be a game changer. I think that game changer can be Pureview technology and a rear camera equipped with a Xenon flash. Nokia already makes the best Windows Phone hardware so it’s only a matter of time until this actually happens. There have already been rumors about this with reports of the Nokia EOS. If the existence of the EOS is real and actually released then it will go a long way in deciding who has the best hardware. Especially for us hardcore tek-heads.

On a side note, there have been reports about Microsoft making their own phone. If this is true and do not hit it out the park “hardware” wise, that’ll probably be the death of Windows Phone. If not the death of it, then most likely take Windows Phone out of the smartphone wars completely.


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